Best Way to Stay Focused | Improve Mental Health | Relieve Stress

Stay Focused & Improve your Mental Health:

Today, in the changing lifestyles, people have lost alot of time, due to not having enough time for each other, misunderstandings have taken place among people, many people take so much pressure of work that they become victims of mental disorder.

Best Way to Stay Focused Improve Mental Health
Best Way to Stay Focused | Improve Mental Health
Every morning we wake up, the state of our health determines our routine. Any disease of the body weakens our enthusiasm, and there is difficulty in doing daily chores, there are many yoga Asanas, which are very beneficial in keeping you healthy, not only physically but also improve mental health.

Your brain plays an important role in the daily work, your ability to react and be able to work well are all related to the health of your brain.  For this reason, World Mental Health Day is celebrated worldwide on 10 October every year. Its purpose is to spread awareness among people about mental health.

Nowadays, as much as physical health needs to be healthy, it is very important to keep mental health also healthy.

The pressure of overwork in a short time puts people in stress, which is why according to World Mental Health Day, people all over the world should take not only physical health but also mental health issues seriously, and you should be alert and cautious about it, if you have any mental problem, you should not ignore it, see a psychologist, and you can  avoid mental health problems by adopting some easy methods:

1. By Pranayama:

We all know that yoga is very important to keep our body healthy, that is why we can keep mental health well and stress-free through Pranayama Yoga. Pranayama is an exercise through yoga, through which we can concentrate our mental state and make us calm and healthy.

Pranayama is made up of two words "Prana" and "Dimension" Prana means energy, or life force, and amplitude refers to controlling energy, in this sense Pranayama means an action by which the spread of life is expanded, and it is kept under control by doing pranayama, the mind is also stress free.

You can also concentrate well on writing your studies. Inhaling the breath at a slow speed, stopping, exhaling, comes in the order of pranayama. By regular practice for a few days, one's strength starts increasing, and our mental development also increases.

2. By Meditation Yoga:

Most people think that meditation is just to reduce stress. Meditation increases brain blood flow. Meditation for 6 hours a week changes the structure of the brain, this change increases concentration, increases memory, and also enhances the ability to do many things at once. Meditation can make your brain more powerful, so you should take some time to meditate, so that your brain can become calm and active.

3. Health by sleep:

Good and healthy sleep is very important to maintain our mental balance for a long time.  You must have a good sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours at night, after waking up from this sleep, your mind becomes completely fresh and refreshed, and starts working with full vigour in routine tasks.

If it is not fulfilled properly, we have to deal with many mental illnesses, there are ups and downs in everyone's life, it is very important to be alert to our sleep by removing attention from the ups and downs, Sleep is very helpful in keeping the mind and mental health healthy.

4. Having a healthy Nutritious and sattvic (light) diet:

To make your mind work well, it is very important for us to have a nutritious and satvic (light) diet in our daily routine, healthy diet not only gives us intellectual growth, but our thinking power also becomes very strong.

We should always take balance diet in our food, which is rich in protein, fiber, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals etc. Nutritious diet is also very helpful for fighting depression, stress etc. problems, so by not eating a lot of non-vegetarian food, we should consume more pure vegetarian leafy vegetables.

5. Do the work of your choice, and spent time with family:

You are disturbed by a run-of-the-mill life, or stressed by work or office work throughout the day, and your mental balance starts to deteriorate, to maintain this balance, you should also do some work, which You like it, because both your mind and your mind feel very relaxed because of your favourite work, and the mind is very healthy.

And secondly, when you start feeling stressed and tired due to your work, then you should spend more and more time in your family, the time spent in the family makes your mind and mind feel very peaceful,  And the mind is refreshed to do its work again, and there is no tension.

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