Holi Mythology - Story of Bhakt Prahlada and Hiranyakashyap Part 1

Story of Bhakt Prahlada and Hiranyakashyap: Part 1

Since ancient times, the festival of Holi is celebrated with great joy in our India, there is a mythological story to celebrate any festival in India. There is a famous legend behind celebrating Holi too!

Toughest Austerity of Hiranyakashyap:

Story of Bhakt Prahlada and Hiranyakashyap
Bhakt Prahlada and Hiranyakashyap

In ancient times there were two brothers named Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha. Hiranyaksha was very powerful, by his power, he had created a whole world war.

All the human beings, gods and goddesses were troubled by this tyranny. When his persecution increased to the extreme limits, then Lord Vishnu took an avatar and confounded him.

When HirniaKashyap came to know about death of his brother, he was very sad, and he wanted to avenge his brother from Lord Vishnu, but he needed extra power to take revenge from Lord Vishnu.

According to the orders of his master, he went to the forest to do penance to provide power! Hiranyakashipu did a lot of penance for Brahmadev.

Sage Narada ji's unsuccessful attempt to dissolve Austerities:

Seeing Hiranyakashyap's severe penance, all the gods were disturbed. Then Indra Devta made many attempts to dissolve his penance with the help of his gods, but none of his efforts succeeded!

The God of Indra received information from his secret person, that Lilavati, wife of Hiranyakashyap is going to become a mother. 
He got caught in the dilemma that his son would grow up and become a terrible demon, So lord Indra kidnapped his wife.

Prahlada begins to become Vishnu devotee:

When he was coming to Indraloka after kidnapping the wife of Hiranyakashyap, Indra Devta found Narada ji on the way, Narada ji said, this would be a big mistake, if Hiranyakashyap will find out after penance. Will definitely attack you for revenge. Lord Indra was so terrified after hearing saga Narad, He has sent Hiranyakashyap's wife to saga narad's ashram (his jungle house).

Narada brought Hiranyakashyap's wife Lilavati to his ashram and used to always narrate Hari Katha (Lord Vishun's Stories) to his wife. Once he was narrating Hari Katha that suddenly his wife got caught in the eye, but her child in the womb heard this story very carefully.

Due to hearing the story of Lord Vishnu, Devotee qualities came inside Prahlada. When he was born, all the people in the ashram were very surprised to see that he was chanting the name Hari.

Brahma Ji gave a unique boon to Hiranyakashyap:

On the other hand Hiranyakashyap had completed his penance, and Brahma Ji appeared to him and gave him a boon.
Hiranyakashyap asked a boon to Brahma ji that I should become immortal, then Brahma said that the end of the one who is born on this earth is certain, so I cannot give this boon, and ask for something else.

Hiranyakashyap cleverly Said that Brahma Ji Hiranyakash on hearing that no creature, animal, demon, human, any weapon or weapon, inside, outside, could not burn in the fire in the water in the night. Then Brhama Ji gave this blessing to him.

Hiranyakashyap was very happy and thanked him with a boon, then later he went to Narada Muni's ashram to bring his wife. He was very happy to see his son, and happily brought his wife to his royal palace!

Beginning of terror of Hiranyakashyap:

In pride of his power, Hiranyakashyap attacked heaven. Indra defeated the deity there, and began to think of himself as God, even on earth, he beat the drum in his subjects that from today all temples should be broken and worshiped by me, because I am the God of this whole universe, and He destroyed all the temples. Everyone started worshiping him due to fear of Hiranyakashyap, his atrocities kept increasing!

Harinakashyap's failed attempt to kill Prahlad:

On the other hand, his own son was remembering Lord Vishnu, when this information was received by Hiranyakashyap, he first explained his son very fondly, but did not think of his son as a name other than Hari. For this reason, he became very angry with his son and ordered his servants and leave it in the thick forest. But even in that dense forest, none of his hair was left as many as the wild animals, animals, birds, all became his friends and started praising God.

When the demon Raj (Hiranyakashyap) came to know about this, he thought of another way, drop it in the pool of snakes, but even there Pahlada kept chanting Srihari and there was no harm to him by the snakes.

When this news was revealed to the demon king, he became angry and ordered his servants that, throw it down from the high mountain, throw it down from the high mountain, he did not even get a little scratch, the demon Raj had Tried many to kill him.

but Prahlada was not even harmed an inch due to the grace of Lord Vishnu, then Hiranyakashyap became very sad!

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